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Novice Museums of Arts



About Us

Our Mission and Vision
Novice Museum's of Arts exists to cultivate, educate and give artists of all backgrounds the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. NMA's goal is to assist communities with fundamentals of artist excellence all across America and the World. Novice Museum's of Arts vision is to revolutionize how novice artists are viewed. NMA will be providing them the proper platform to showcase their works; either Visual Expression or Performing Arts.
Who We Serve
Novice Museum's of Arts serves the underdog. The creators of exciting, heartfelt displays of unseen dimensions. Using the existing platform in which Patrick Noze triumphantly conveys, we are able to share the opportunity with Novice Artists. The artists that has been overshadowed by those who knew the person to get seen. Now, we are the seers, the ones who validate those who create behind closed door within the confines of low lit rooms. Those whose parents have to sneak into their closets to take a glance of the excellence they birthed. Those whose silent expressions of depression, anxiety rejection comes only through a paintbrush, a pencil, broken words on a paper or a soothing melodious voice in a small room. This is who we serve!