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Ladies Learning to Lead



About Us

Ladies Learning to Lead is a Florida nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that provides professional leadership development training and life skills to young ladies in middle and high school. Our focus is to prepare young ladies through opportunities where they feel challenged, respected and accountable to strive to meet the demands of life.

?To promote the quality of life for participants, L3 offers an empowering curriculum of activities in the areas of professional development , leadership training, cultural capital, mentoring and volunteerism, civic engagement, and academic guidance. We offer specific programs for girls of color to help break down racial barriers, and give them a competitive advantage. While we serve all girls, we strive to provide opportunities to girls of color who are underrepresented, helping them with resources to thrive in college, in their careers, and the real world.

Our mission is to empower young ladies to become leaders by building confidence, character, and leadership skills to prepare them for college, careers, and life.

Our vision is to be the national catalyst for preparing young ladies for life through college preparation, career development, mentoring, and leadership training.